I’ve been on a forced hiatus for about 7 years. After suing for my daughter’s educational rights I found a violent child trafficking enterprise operating out of the Easton Area School District in Northampton County PA. They came after me, my business, apartment, used police surveillance tools and unions to erode my business assets. [ Police were integral to the business as they needed them to ignore the organized injury imposed to make the business work ]

The trafficking business steered normal school students to Individual Education Program (IEP) service providers [contracted by the county] by abusing them before cognitive assessment exams. The abuse caused resistance to taking the cognitive assessments and fear to perform well on them. The low IQ results were used to recommend the student for IEP support (special ed) by the director of special education. IEP service providers parlayed the district’s manufactured IQ results to furnish bogus information necessary to support billing the municipality for treatment of false claim diagnosis codes and the municipality provider—Northampton County MH/MR—to collect payment from Medicaid.

The scheme was in contravention of state and federal law and caused Medicaid to receive claims with false descriptions of the conditions for which IEP services had been rendered.

After encapsulating their business methodology I spent a lot of my time reaching out to public officials to have them explain why daughter was confined to Northampton County PA via incapacitation with a false diagnosis code ICD-9 MR317 ruled out by medical diagnostic and the State Education Appeals Panel. And how in the world was I cut off from seeing my daughter after suing the school district, winning educational due process, winning the appeal panel opinion and winning federal court settlement. As you can imagine not many officials were eager to speak with me. For that matter nether are law-firms specializing in special education.

When Emilie was accepted to college her federal guardian Marcie Romberger quit because of a conflict of interest. Her next federal guardian Shanon Moore—both appointed by Federal Magistrate Judge Tim Rice of the EDPA—refused to allow her to matriculate to college and instead signed her with Lehigh University’s Transition Services Department. Their core competency was job training and job placement for the mentally retarded.

2012 Emilie began complaining about being left in a parking lot all day and getting visits from her “judge friend.” The parking lot was behind a traffic citation court in Bethlehem PA 31-1-07. Federal guardian Shanon Moore, instead of taking Emilie at her word put her in therapy and bottled up Emilie’s allegations. Emilie would emerge from these “sessions” drug addled and roughed up.

After three years of cigarette, stove burns from parking lots, and private residences an STD that nearly killed Emilie and no answers and no help from Northampton County attorneys I filed two interconnected lawsuits Pro Se 04/21/2017 in the SDNY federal court.

04/21/2017 my laptop was stolen an hour later. It had interviews of Emilie talking about what Lehigh University staff was doing with her.

04/22/2017 [ on or about ] defendants filed a change of address redirecting my mail to Easton PA [ I find out 06/29/2017 ] impeding my ability to communicate with the court.

06/05/2017 I filed a Motion to Show Cause for Edelstein my landlord, to pay me.  It promised a separate show cause motion on the subject of my daughter’s trafficking in parking lots:

“17-cv-2910 is the first of three show causes I intend to file… Personally, 17-cv 2913 out of all my lawsuits is the most important as the egregiousness of it centers on the action of public officials and law enforcement who deliberately trafficked my daughter.” 

06/05/2017 about 2:30 PM that afternoon Judge Robert Halal of Bethlehem traffic citation court in PA 31-1-07 committed suicide. No one told me.

06/05/2017 Pro Se clerks withheld my motion from the federal docket preventing the media from seeing it and making the connection to judge Halal. I had to make a special request to post it.

06/06/2017 my back up drive to the laptop was stolen from CVS on 300 Park Avenue South NY. [ 2013 CVS was responsible for dispensing medication without a prescription [sedatives] while defendants deliberately cultivated Norwegian scabies with prescribed immunosuppressive medication nearly killing Emilie ]

06/29/2017 I filed a TRO 3 times to stop defendants from tampering with my mail. SDNY Pro Se clerks repeatedly concealed the defendant activities requiring me to get a supervisor to post my motion to the federal CM/ECF making the motion public.

No arrests. Attorney Shanon Moore currently works for the Pennsylvania State Education Association—the largest and most influential public sector union in PA. I.e., they support and facilitate violent health care child trafficking. Why? Abused kids are harder to teach. Just ask Ms. Moore the Region Field Director of PSEA and violent student sex trafficker to judges.

To distill their ugly business I applied the same thinking I used to help grow my client’s businesses with the exception that their marketers had no interest in sharing any data and I was doing it for my daughter. These are craven, vicious child traffickers and they have worked out a system, paid off the right lobbyists and are in your school today.

The site is a temporary place holder. I am retooling my patented application ProposalPros and will let you know when it is available.

Best Regards,
Thomas Kraemer