Kraemer Inc specializes in brand development for the professional services industry. Our focus is understanding your business, its goals and capitalizing on key differentiators. I spent about 15 years consulting for PwC’s Entrepreneurial Advisory Services Division. Specializing in privately held small and mid-sized businesses.

I was sidetracked for roughly 7 years after suing for my daughter’s educational rights— disentangling a violent child trafficking enterprise that ensnared my daughter. A very evil, very ugly business operating out of Easton PA.

The business steered normal school students to special education contractors by torturing them before cognitive assessment placement exams causing resistance to taking the assessments and impossibly low IQ scores. The low IQ results were used to place the students into special education. Special Education contractors were given access to the students and parlayed the District’s manufactured low IQ results to furnish bogus reports, and recommendations for mental disability billing treatment codes trafficking the child.

No one has been arrested in PA for egregious crime. These animals ran a systemic business that relied on child suffering to collect a check from the U.S. Converting normal school children into currency has since been corroborated by the New York Times 12/29/2022 after I wrote to them and resulted in charges by the SDNY U.S. Attorney Damian Williams “Their schemes used children as currency.” However, the charges were not nearly enough. Williams did not charge any of the School Districts for inventing mental disability diagnosis codes and mass direct emailing them to parents with coercive warnings to get the bogus medical codes primarily for autism approved. Once children are identified as mentally disabled they have no future. The Social Services industry profits. A predatory industry run by bottom feeding sponges. Police, judges, guardians, attorneys? They were paid off not to charge for torture and systemic abuse needed to drive the special education contractors child trafficking business. These children are abused, used and killed in homes where no one will notice.

This is a huge insidious criminal business. I welcome anyone to look at the U.S. governments statistics on the number of children born with congenital mental defects compared with the number of children in special education. The disparity in 2020 is about 6.5 million children out of 7.2 million in special education with no genetic disability costing tax payers roughly $65 Billion that were ether invented through corruption or caused by toxic environmental conditions.

That is, when you hear public officials making proclamations about isolating the mentally disabled, keeping them out of public schools, apartment buildings, maybe having a little town where they can all stay, or lock them in prisons, while taking weak stances on pollution, water supplies, etc.—things that cause these cognitive impairments, make a mental note and get rid of them. As some lobbyist with an interest in growing an horrific special education and social services business has got to them. [1] [2] [2.1] [3] [4]

The barometer for toxins in the air and water is in our special education population which currently between 16 -20% of the U.S. public school population. Politicians and lobbyists who try to hide the result of their unspeakable misdeeds by keeping the disabled out of public view ought to be sitting in a cell.

I am reprogramming Kraemer’s patented application ProposalPros and announce when it is available again.

Best Regards,
Thomas Kraemer
President, Kraemer Inc.