My business was in the way of child and human trafficking business. What follows is a press releases on the subject. The FBI has made no arrests. A PA State and NYC sanctioned child trafficking business operating from the Easton Area School District in Easton PA came after me and my business as I took care of my daughter and made sure she was treated well. Thus in conflict with their racketeering business that used abuse before cognitive assessment exams to drop IQ scores to self deal business for special education county contractors working for school districts. The deliberate injury allowed them to bill [rob] Medicaid to treat the manufactured mental deficits. Police were integral to the violent child trafficking business as it required their omission of duty when I complained about my daughter’s cigarette burn injuries.

Release The 2012 sex trafficking and cover up of my daughter Emilie Kraemer in a dirt parking lot behind Bethlehem district court 31-1-07  by the Easton Area School District’s employment training and placement service provider Lehigh University Transition Services. 06/05/2017 Judge Halal of district court 31-1-07 committed suicide the same day I filed a SDNY federal motion asking about Emilie’s time in the parking lot behind his court.  Judge Halal’s suicide was never disclosed to me. The amount and level of offical cooperation traffickers received to cover it up and discredit victims ought to cause grave concern and demands arrests be made.